image of wokkel fractal I made this fractal for the cover of my Ph.D. thesis. It was inspired by the infrared spectrum that I had been computing.

About this Site

This website is dedicated to images of fractals I make with elmfract, my personal fractal program. Elmfract started out in 1999 as a programming exercise in C++, but it grew into a full-fledged obession, er, hobby, because of the artistic aspect. The fractals on this site are constructed from formulas of a few lines that determine the overall shape as well as the surface texture details. That is why I think that the images sometimes have a surprising natural look to them, although they are completely computer generated.

A first attempt to demonstrate the underlying principles can be found on the explanation page.

When I am not making fractals, I play some classical guitar, [tiny image of a guitar], also in the TEC ensemble, or work on medical software for a big medical imaging company.


If you have anything to say about the images, you can send me a mail, using the address in this picture.
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Eric Meijer, May 1 2015


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