Guitar Recordings

A dark corner on my web site (the lighter part is here) with recording(s) of me playing classical guitar. Don't know if this will grow or go away.

Eric Meijer, June 17, 2007

"List" of Solo Recordings

June 16, 2007

Abel Carlevaro, Preludios Americanos no 3: Campo
Johann Sebastian Bach, Lute Suite no 1: Allemande

August 25, 2007

Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Fantasie
Manuel M. Ponce, Sonatina Meridional: I Campo

Ensemble Recordings

December 8, 1999

Times, Tides, and Tiles together form the composition "One O One" by Jan Westra. It was inspired by the US highway 101, which runs along the pacific coast through Washington, Oregon, and California. We played this with the Tilburgs Gitaarensemble in 1999 in Enno Voorhorst's residence (a world premiere :-)). At the time we were with five guitar players, Joost Ahsmann, Hetty Brekelmans, Steven van de Par, and I think Esther Vink (or Eugene Marcelissen, or Erik ...), and myself.

Rehearsal April 1, 2012

Guitar quartet TEC (Tilburg Eindhoven Connection) consists of Joost Ahsmann, Hetty Brekelmans, Steven van de Par and me. Here are some rehearsal recordings of rehearsal quality while we were, well, rehearsing. Oyun by Carlo Dominiconi consists of part 1: Molto Energico, part 2: Lento, and part3: Con fuoco. This morning we also recorded Wechselwetter by Ralf Persch.

Both recorded with a pair of Neumann KM184, the Presonus pre-amp, and the R09.

Youtube channel

I have started putting some movies on youtube, featuring my new fifth bass guitar. Here is my channel.

Recording Details

TG-F (model "Tarrega") by Saburo Nogami
Hannabach 815 HT with carbon trebles
Edirol R09 recorder
I started out with a Sony ECM-MS957, which is a decent stereo microphone that I still use when traveling light. I recently got me a pair of Neumann KM184, which I understand is also the favourite of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.
Microphone Preamplifier
On August 25, 2007 I also used my home-built "cookie container microphone amplifier", which makes for less noise. I am still looking for a better one. To support the pair of KM184, I use a Presonus BlueTube, without activating he tube part, so far.
Bit rate, sampling frequency
Recorded at 24 bit 44.1kHz.
Editing software
Edited with Audacity and converted to 192 kbit MP3 with the Lame encoder for bandwidth reduction. Did this on a PC with the Debian stable linux distribution.


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